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A wide range of holiday options. Browse the categories below to discover the possibilities. 

Wildlife Holidays

Everyone has their favourite animal. For me, it is any of the big cats – and I’ve been lucky enough to witness everything from the mating rituals of leopards to a tigress playing with her cubs. I’ve even been charged by a lion on a walking safari in Zambia.

Happily, everyone in our group remembered the golden rule: “Whatever you do, don’t run!” We didn’t and the lion, on seeing we were neither competitor nor prey, left us alone and padded off.

Safari Holidays

The term ‘safari’ comes from a Swahili word meaning ‘journey’. Take Jeep rides deep into the wilderness or fly into tiny national park airstrips where lions roam the runway.

Soar over herds of zebra at sunrise in a hot-air balloon, sleep out in a luxury treehouse under a blanket of stars, or book your seat for the greatest wildlife show on Earth where over a million wildebeest migrate across the scorched plains.

Cultural Holidays

Whether you’re savouring the taste of an authentic dish at a local restaurant, bartering over vibrant stacks of spices, olives and fruit at a street market, or watching an elaborate religious festival unfold before your eyes - a cultural holiday is a chance to step into a whole new world of experiences and adventures.

Our cultural holidays cover the whole spectrum - and span the globe - from the blossom-filled streets of Japan to the breathtaking vistas of Machu Picchu.

Beach Holidays

From the Caribbean’s milk-white sands to Croatia’s coves, our beach holidays give you access to some of the world’s most famous beaches. Lots of our beach hotels are right on the sands. Meanwhile, others are within walking distance, but there’ll often be a shuttle bus to save you the legwork.

Whether you’re after a luxury beach holiday or a family beach break, these hotels go hand-in-hand with things like seafront dining and watersports, too.